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Sawantwadi Palace


The Province had constructed beautifully crafted and architecturally sturdy palaces for the Royal family. The Sawantwadi palace has withstood the swinging moods of natural wrath and stands tall amongst the beautiful surroundings.

The palace still beholds one with its grandeur and demands a visit especially to overwhelm you with its amazing collection of traditional lacquer ware goods. These include breathtaking dexterity exuded by the set of furniture, chess and board games, little dolls etc. Chitkaris, the people proficient in artful painting, wooden and clay artifacts and jewellery were patronized and groomed by the Sawantwadi Royal family and the effects of these grateful artisans is visible on very part of the Palace. These paintings with convoluted archetype portray the majestic lifestyle and god fearing nature of the generations belonging to the 6th-7th century.

The external surface of the decorated object is applied with a thick coat of lacquer is later polished with a ‘kewda’ leaf. Various natural patterns can be viewed on the edges. Mythological figures almost, always took the centre stage on the main surfaces of these art forms.