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A controversial tract of land, which is claimed by Hindu nationalists as the birthplace of Rama, Ramjanmabhoomi was, rather a silent zone till 1980. History says that up to1855 the Hindus and the Muslims alike come and offer their prayers with out any interruption here. Common belief is that there was a temple in the name of Lord Ram and it was demolished as per the orders of Babur and a mosque was built on its ruins. From the time when the British rule a paling has been erected to avert dispute and out side the fencing the Hindus put up a platform to make their offerings, while the Muslims used to pray in the Mosque. But in the later part of 1990, the VHP put an action plan to construct a temple on the disputed site where the Mosque situates. In 1991 the VHP activist demolished the masjid, which eventually led to a communal violence.

Ramjanmbhoomi is the most venerated site of an ardent Hindu and the temple is now opened for the public after a long gap. Visitors throng here to have a glimpse of a site, which geared up much controversies and debates.