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Bomdila Monastry


Bomdila Monastry is one of the most famous monasteries in Arunachal Pradesh, North East India. It is an abode of Buddhist Lamas and monks whose foundation was laid in 1965. It was built by the 12th reincarnate of Tsong Gontse Rinpoche. This monastery belongs to Mahayana Buddhism. It is also known as the Gentse Gaden Rabgyel Lling monastery. It is a replica of the Tsona Gontse monastery at Tsona in Tibet. A prayer hall was later added to the monastery by the 13th reincarnate of Tsona Gontse Rinpoche. This hall was later sanctified by His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama in October 1997. Bomdila monastery houses a Buddha temple which is extremely beautiful.