Raichur is an historical town in Karnataka with a rich cultural legacy. Flanked by the Tungabhadra River, Raichur is famous for its imposing Fort. It's a land whose ruins, temples and forts beckon you, to softly whisper into your ears, tales of a bygone era.

Flanked by the Tungabhadra River in the north and Krishna River in the south, Raichur district has a rich history. It was once a part of the Vijayanagara, Bahamani, Mughal and Asif Jahi Kingdoms.


The nearest airport is at Belgaum.

Raichur is an important station on the Guntakal-Bombay railway line.

The district is accessible by road by good motorable roads.


Hotel Sarvesh, Saroj Niwas, Saroj Nagar, Gangavathi.
Laxmi Lodge, Koppal.
Lalithamahal Boarding And Lodging, Raichur-Bangalore Road, Sindhanoor.
Venkateshwar Tourist Home, Sindhanoor.
Sreematha Lodge, Koppal.
Private hotels and PWD Rest Houses are available.