Nersa is an offbeat destination in the state of Karnataka and is relatively unknown among tourists. Nersa is a tiny hamlet and has been engaged in eco tourism in the form of jungle safaris. Located in a secluded area of the Western Ghats in Belgaum district, Nersa can be reached by a 9 hour drive from the city of Bangalore and is close to the boundary of neighbouring state of Goa and Karnataka.

Nersa is basically a destination for travelers interested in relaxing in an isolated, quiet and natural surrounding. It is a part of the proposed Bhimgarh Sanctuary and is a heavily forested area, thus regularised jeep safaris are organised to take one on a wildlife tour. A popular destination among ornithologists, there are almost 276 species of bird seen here. Apart from resident birds, it is also home to many migratory species such as Ceylon frogmouth and paradise flycatcher. A laid back, serene, and peaceful location, Nersa is best suited for nature lovers who want to experince a rural setting.

The forest of Nersa also provides one a chance to explore its forest through trekking. Inside the forest one can visit the Bhimgad stone fortress and view the beautiful monolithic grant structure called Syntheri Rock, almost 300 feet in height. The forest of Nersa apart being home to many wild animals, are also home to bats in the talvedi region and Krishnapur area of Mahadai Valley.

Close to Nersa one can visit another nature bound place of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary which is famous for its herd of elephants.

Nersa is also an important agricultural belt for sugarcane, groundnut and paddy cultivation.

Nersa is a small village situated in the boundary of Goa and Karnataka. Nersa is part of the proposed Bhimgarh Sanctuary and covers a rich forest and the agricultural belt of the area.

Nersa is a land of agriculture with sugarcane, groundnut and paddy cultivation. Number of tourists attracted towards this place is increasing gradually. Resort known as "The Hermitage" is a well-appointed and secluded working farm set in the back drop of hilly terrains amidst the lush forests of the Western Ghats.

Nersa is a perfect holiday destination for a wildlife enthusiast or nature watcher who is keen on birds. It also attracts adventurer folks who enjoy trekking, or for those just simply love the outdoors. One who likes to experience, observe and enjoy the life of Rural India, the farm stay at Nersa provides the right opportunity, an opportunity seldom presented to the international traveler.

Home stay is available for tourists in Nersa. One can spend his vacation in the Western Ghats with the personal hosts, enjoying all the comforts of home, while experiencing the Color and Chaos of rural India. Here one can experience the art of simple living without electricity, without television and the other trappings of modern life. This will make one to take back memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Nersa nurses the visitors’ nature-loving desire with utmost care. A close encounter with picturesque India, the rural village community, their festivals and culture are the assured experiences Nersa offers for its visitors.


Air: Nearest major airport is Bangalore International airport which is at a distance of 505 km from Nersa. Bangalore is connected to most of the Indian cities directly by air and is connected to many cities abroad. Prepaid taxi service is available from airport to Nersa, which costs about Rs 8000.

Rail: Nearest rail head is Belgaum, which is connected to Bangalore by regular train services. Taxi from the railway station to Nersa costs about Rs 2000.

Road: Nersa is well connected with nearby cities by KSRTC buses. Bus services from Bangalore to Nersa are regular and about five times a day the buses service between Bangalore and Nersa. Private luxury buses, running overnight, are available from Bangalore to Nersa, costing about Rs 1800.

Things to do

Birdwatching: Nersa offers the great experience of bird watching, whether one is an expert ornithologists or simply a bird watcher. There are many wonderful birding sites all around. One can travel short distances in the open grasslands searching for more birds in the greenish forests and water bodies, and can see the birds perched to their paradise.

This is a home for birds migrating from different parts of the world during the season. Watching birding is an all time luxury in Nersa, seasonal events are only migration of birds and breeding of water fowls. Nersa is a very rare place; the tourist has the opportunity of locating many species seen in Western Ghats.

Jungle Safari: Nersa offers lots of thrilling experience for the lovers of Jungle Safari. Walking through the jungle, enjoying the feel of the fresh air, under the shade of the magnificent trees around and listening to the different bird calls is rejuvenating, exhilarating and something one can never tire of.

The Forests of the west harbor a vast range of life forms from the very small to the very large. Lots of reptiles and amphibians known in India are found in the jungles here and really breathtaking jungle adventurous safari one can opt for in Nersa.

Trekking: The terrains of Nersa offers the adventurous tourists the long awaited wish of trekking amidst reptiles, birds and other mammalians. This is a remarkable area to trek in. Some areas of Nersa require higher standards of physical fitness than others.

Explore the banks of the Bandora and Sagarhole rivers to have river bank trekking, enjoying the beauty, breeze, calmness and sometimes the wilderness of these rivers. One can find Birding hotspots in all these areas. Just trekking along jungle trails will throw open a world full of bird song. Chose the length of your trek, half or full day. Charges depend on the length of trek and the area selected.