Doda, believed to be named after a migrant from Multan and a utensil maker Deeda, is a scenic town lying in the outer Himalayan range, bestowed with high altitude peaks and woody dense forests which makes the region suitable for challenging wild life explorations. Trekking, natural walks, mountaineering and rock climbing are all breathtaking activities attracting adventurous travelers.


This District has a rich history. The district derived its name from its district headquarters Doda. It is said that one of the ancient Rajas of Kishtwar whose dominion extended beyond Doda persuaded one utensil maker Deeda, a migrant from Multan (now in Pakistan), to settle permanently in this territory and set up an utensil factory there. Deeda is said to have settled in a village which later on was called with his name. With the passage of time the name Deeda has changed into Doda, the present name of the town.

The entire area of district, including Allaqa Dengbatal (Tehsil Mahore), was initially divided into two independent States of Kishtwar and Bhaderwah.


Air: The nearest airport to Doda is located at Srinagar, at a distance of 200 kms away. Srinagar is air connected to Delhi with regular flights. Taxis are available from airport to Doda for a fare of about Rs 3000.

Rail: The nearest major railhead is at Srinagar, which is 200 kms away. One can reach Doda from railway station by taxis or buses. Taxi fare is about Rs. 3000.

Road: Doda is connected by Jammu and Kashmir state owned road transport corporation buses. Doda is well connected to Jammu (175 km, Rs. 120) and Srinagar (200 km, Rs. 140) by buses. Special luxurious buses will also be available from Jammu and Srinagar to Doda.

Things to do

Trekking: Doda with snow clad peaks, undulated mountain regions and virgin trekking trails is best suitable for adventurous trekking. There are many trekking routes connecting Lal Draman, Machail, Gupt Ganga, Zumum Palmar, Vasukinag, Reushra, Sarthal and Kailash Yatra. Trekking through the unexplored hilly terrains of Doda district is really a wonderful experience of passing through places of incredible captivating scenic beauty.

The mountains and hill resorts in Doda are world known for amazing scenic grandeur and salubrious climate. The trekking trails in these regions offer mild to toughest trekking opportunities for enthusiasts of adventurous tourism.