Tapt Kund or Hot Springs


On the banks of the river Alaknanda are hot thermal springs. The sulphurous waters from these hot springs is said to have medicinal value. The devotees who come to the Badrinath temple dip themselves in the “Tapt kund” before entering the temple. The waters are about 55 degrees Celsius and a dip in these hot waters is considered spiritually rejuvenating.


A natural spring that possesses therapeutic characteristics Tapt Kund is believed to be the holy abode of Lord Agni. Pilgrims believe that a holy dip in this sacred pond relieves them from their sinful deeds and thought.

The pond water measures 45°C temperature and it is located above the riverbank. It makes every visitor enthralled with its rejuvenating gush. A hot water spring in the midst of snowy peaks of Himalayas is quite a wonderful vista of nature that persuade even an impudent to think about the marvel of the creator. A bathe in the hot spring provide a revitalizing vigor and energy to all the visitors who had undertook a tiresome climb.