Soaring over the town of Badrinath at a height of 6600m is the snow-peaked Neelkanth Mountain, popularly known as the Garhwal Queen.

The Peak of Neelkanth at Sri Badrinath is the place where Lord Shiv went to meditate after having swallowed poison to save the world. We went on a trek to the base camp of Neelkanth and along the way was the most soul stirring natural beauty that we had ever seen. All the time we were following a sister river of the great Alaknanda.

There is a pass via Nelkanth to Goumukh and also to Sri Kedarnath.

A towering peak which boarders the Nar-Narayan mountain ranges, Neelkanth peak exposes the splendorous natural vistas. A scenic place, which unfurls the glitters of snow clad peaks, Neelkanth overlooks the Badrinath shrine. This gigantic precipice, covered with snow Neelkanth Peak is a hot spot of both nature lovers and pious people. This pyramidal shaped snowy peak has a height of 6,597 meter and it is a haunting site, which attracts multitude of visitors.

Since the Neelkanth unwinds the natural charm at its zenith to the visitors, this mighty peak is fondly renowned as the queen of Gharwal, a sobriquet that perfects the enthralling beauty of the scenic spot.

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