Nachiketa Tal


Adding to the list of tals or lakes in and around Gangotri is Nachiketa Tal. Another picturesque and splendid beauty of a crystal clear lake surrounded by thick dense forests and a mind blowing view of the mountain peaks, the Nachiketa Tal has a small little temple as the backdrop.

The lake is named after Nachiketa, son of Saint Uddalak. Nachiketa Tal can be reached after a 3-km long trek from Chaurangi Khal, which is a place 29 kms away from Uttarkashi. The Tal is a one-day attraction with no accommodation available around the place. One can either stay at Chaurangi Khal or get back to Uttarkashi after a day-long tour.

Situated between Panchangaon and Fold Gaon, this beautiful lake is perenially filled with water. There is greenery all around and a small temple at the bank of the lake gives a serene look to the location.