Lake Naukuchiatal


Prettily placed at an altitude of 3996 feet, Lake Naukuchiatal appears like a delightful panorama of nature. Fringed with lush, verdant trees, the banks of this lovely water body always present an enthralling ambiance. Naukuchiatal literally means nine corners and the locals believe that a single glance of the all the corners would fetch one with Nirvana.

The presence of a strong under water stream makes this lake with full of water in all season. A pictorial place, which houses beautiful Himalayan as well as exotic species of the chirping flock, would definitely mesmerize any body with its charismatic appeal.

Apart from this marvelous sceneries, Naukuchiatal lake is a perfect place for mountain biking, fishing and parasailing. Famed for its idyllic ambiance, the banks of this magnificient lake offer a nice walkway with the colourful display of the most beautiful birds that flits by your side. Naukuchiatal lake, one can plan a lot of other things like swimming, boating, or else simply sit by the side of the lake and stretch out one’s imagination.