Lake Bhimtal


Nestled in the lap of the majestic Kumaon hills, Bhimtal is a tiny city that is famed for the lovely Bhimtal Lake. Set at a height of 400 meter above the sea level, this small town figures atop in the tourist map of Nainital. A famous lake resort with piebald paths and gorges with wild raspberry and dog rose, this panoramic lake resort is an ideal destination to enjoy the weekends.

Named after Bhim, one among the Pandava brothers, this lake resort encompasses so many fabulous places like is the Folk Culture Museum and the Victorian dam. Of the numerous wonders in Bhimkal, the lake by the same name allures the tourists with its magnetic appeal. The island in the center of the lake offers a gorgeous view. Its full-fledged water strength supports the rich aquatic life of the district of Nainital. Most alluring character of this pretty lake is that it provides a natural asylum for the exotic and rare Trans Himalayan birds.