Government Museum


Government museum is perfectly located in an attractive ambience of Brij Vilas Palace besides the Kishore Sagar Lake. The museum has a rich collection of manuscripts, exquisite Hadoti sculptures and rare ancient coins. An attractive huge sculpture of Shesh Sayi Vishnu brought from Baroli is really an amazing statue preserved in the Museum.

This is a noteworthy spot for people who have interest in archeology. The archaeological section displays many ancient sculptures including some dating back to 4th century Gupta period. It encloses an impressive image of Vardhaman and also a superb depiction of Ramgarh dancing pair. Yupa pillars of third century displaying the popular Vedic rites and the rare ancient coins of various dynasties ruled over Kota are displayed here.

The painting section and manuscript section are real treasures of medieval Indian culture. These include miniature paintings, astrological, astronomical and Vedic works. Several varieties of handicrafts, apparels, costumes and so many royal clangs are displayed here.