Dodi Tal


Situated in the midst of deodar, cheer and bamboo forests, Dodital is situated at an elevation of 3307 metres. The water of the lake is sparkling and crystal clear. The famous Himalayan trouts are found in abundance in the lake. At an altitude of 3307 mts, Dodi Tal is a clear lake nestled amidst thick dense forests. The lakeside has accommodation in the form of a wonderful rest house, a camp site and a log cabin. Dodi Tal is a very famous trekking site and any holiday package is incomplete without a trek to this area. Fishing may be allowed following permission from the Divisional Forest Officer.

Those planning to trek to Dodi Tal can take the route which passes Agoda via Kalyani, and advances into thick forests for a distance of about 16 kms. Every step that takes you higher and higher also exposes you to the beauty of Mother Nature!