Satyendra Routwar #RealIndianVlogger

Satyendra Routwar

When we started this site more than 10 years ago our aim was very clear and simple. We wanted to explore the unexplored locations of India. I am so glad that all these years we have been able to achieve this goal. We also have our very own YouTube channel to support this site and we are in a process of making more regular videos. It is of course a life long mission. India is such a beautiful country that you need more than a lifetime to explore it.

We are starting a new series on our site where we want to share and appreciate other content creators who are on a similar mission. We can't possibly travel always but there are other vloggers and bloggers that share their journey of exploring India.

Today I wanted to talk about Satyendra Routwar, he is one of my personal favourite travel vlogger. There are so many things I like about his videos. He is from Alwar, a small town boy but his content is filled with his passion. The main theme of his videos is movie location hunting. The first video I watched on his channel was on the movie location of Karan Arjun movie. He basically travels to remote villages in India, talks to local people and ask them about the movies shot in their village.

He also shares the then and now pictures of the same location. Image a movie shot in 1960s or 70s in a village and seeing the same location again after 50 years. It is surprising to see sometime how little has changed since then at some locations. Apart from movie location hunting you will really enjoy his raw authentic and very humble videos. He seems like a very positive person who wants to live his life to fullest. I quite like the way he approaches people and ask them questions about how was it 40 or 50 years ago when a particular movie was shot.

Here is the link to his channel. I highly recommend you to subscribe to his channel. I wish him the best for future and lot of success.