Gujarat is famous for its spirit of festivity. There are around 3500 fairs and festivals celebrated in the state every year. These fairs constitute the cultural heritage of Gujarat. Most of them are celebrated have strong historical or mythological background behind their existence. A number of fairs are celebrated exclusively by the tribal population. Therefore, through these fairs, one can get to know the customs and traditions of the tribal people of India. Infact, these fairs are a reflection of the country's cultural diversity. The experience of witnessing these traditional extravaganzas so closely is definitely unique.

Gujarat is known as the land of festivals. It is popular through out India as well as the world for its spirit of festivity. Apart from the festival celebrated in the entire nation, there are a host of other festivals uniquely associated with the state. These traditional festivals have been celebrated in the region since time immemorial. People observe these festivals strictly as they still adhere to their age old customs and traditions. They are proud of their rich heritage and it is visible from the manner they celebrate. One of the major festivals celebrated here is Navratri.