From the time immemorial India as a nation is known for colorful festivals. People celebrate and enjoy these festivals promoting love, harmony, brotherhood and peace. Bihar also has long list of festivals which are celebrated with gaiety and tolerance.

Fairs and festivals are integral part of culture and history of Bihar. People in Bihar celebrate traditional and religious fairs and festivals with enthusiasm. These fairs and festivals facilitate greater cohesive opportunity to the people of Bihar. Since Bihar has been a hot pot of culture of India, many myths and anecdotes are related to fairs and festivals of the land. Most of the fairs and festivals are associated with some kind of historical event.

These festivals and fairs are showcase of culture and lifestyle of the people of Bihar. While some festivals are of religious nature, some highlight the cultural wealth of the state, vibrant in myriad colors and forms. Sonepur Cattle Fair, Nag Panchmi, Makar Sankranti Mela and Pitrapaksha Mela are a few of the many names that come up in the Bihar calendar of fairs and festivals. Chaath puja is Bihar’s prime festival - an expression of seeking blessings from the forces of the nature representing the amalgamation of the Vedic and non-Aryan religion.