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Paragliding Pre-World Cup is held every year at Bir-Billing (16 km from Jogindernagar) in the month of October or November. Billing (8600 feet) is the hang gliding spot from where Para gliders take off for landing at Chaugan, where this competition is held. According to paragliding specialists this is the finest spot for paragliding in the world. Ever year hundreds of participants from all over the world take part in this particular competition. Thousands of tourist and viewers from distant places come to join this Cup. Billing is well connected with road where competitors land off to win this great Cup. They fly over the mountains of Baijnath and Jogindernagar for selected distance. This Cup is started by Hon’ able Chief Minister of the State. Some important world records have been made by foreigner Para gliders here. They signify it as ‘Heaven for Paragliding.’